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Home Prices in Fredericksburg Up Year over Year

The latest reports from the Metropolitan Regional Information Service, which tracks real estate in the Fredericksburg area, has indicated that home sale prices were up in October 2013 compared to October of 2012.  The average home price in October 2013 was $239,950 which represented a price 8% higher than October of last year. The average home spent 67 days on the market.

While prices reUp-Arrow-Iconmain up year over year the average price of homes from month to month declined. This is typical of the market cycle as we enter into the late fall and early winter.

What does all this mean if you are trying to buy or sell a home in Fredericksburg?

If you are a seller you don’t need to panic that prices are going to plummet to records lows.  You can also see that homes spent on average a little over two months on the market.

it still remains a great time to buy. Rates, though they have risen, are still real low. And, while prices are up year over year they are not up month over month.

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