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Homeselling 101- Curb Appeal

The importance of curb appeal in selling your home cannot be overstated.  As the cliche reminds us, “There is only one chance to make a great first impression.”

Curb appeal, sprucing up the exterior of your house and surrounding grounds, does not have to be expensive.  Here are some quick ideas…

  • Make sure all grass is cut and trimmed regularly.
  • Trim back bushes that have become overgrown.
  • Put down new mulch any time of year.  Simply adding mulch, without even adding flowers, makes flower beds look so much better.
  • Plant some colorful flowers.  Why not go the extra mile and add some colorful flowers in front of your house?  In the fall plant mums or have them in some pots on your steps.  While you are at it how about a colorful and new garden flag.
  • What does your door look like?  Does it need a new coat of paint?  Are there cobwebs in the corners?  Sometimes, just taking a rag and some mild cleaner to the white trim of your door can do wonders.
  • Don’t forget your mailbox.  Make sure it is not leaning and about to fall down or covered in moss or the road salt from last winter.
  • Try to clean up your yard and keep it free of kids’ toys, landscaping instruments, and anything else that is out of place.
  • Obviously, if you have shudders or pieces of shudders missing or molding or roof shingles missing they need to be replaced.

Chances are when you first put your home on the market is when you will get the most looks and traffic.  So, don’t wait to fix these items get it done before listing your home.  You will be glad you did as you make a great first impression with the next people to own your home.


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